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Admin Zara
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Admin Zara

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PostSubject: EGLINTON CASTLE INVESTIGATION COMPLETED 15/11/08   Sun Nov 16, 2008 2:32 pm

Team Attending

Zara Moncrieff Manager/Investigator
Margaret McLean Manager/Investigator
Amanda Mackie Asst Manager/Sensitive/Investigator
Alan Sheild Investigator
Garry McLean Techy/Investigator
Ann Mackie Sensitive/Investigator

Jane Mullin (Guest)
Michelle McPhee (Guest)
Jim Photographer

Dry, moon fully shining & calm wind!

Eglinton Castle Investigation 15th November 2008

Report written by Amanda (Team Investigator / Head Sensitive)

Myself and Ann (the new sensitive in the team) got to Eglinton Castle around 8.30pm, the rest of the team was running late, both of us were already starting to sense the presence of spirits around us, and there were a couple that were not very nice, i got out to take a few pictures, Ann got out the car and took a pic of me as i had been saying that i had felt someone standing behind me, she took a pic and low and behold and orb standing behind me, we took a few more photos and then got back in the car, as we felt the spirits were closing in around us. Around 9pm the rest of the team arrived at the castle, and we had a quick briefing before we headed off to start the investigation, just then Ann started to say she had just got a very sore pain in her back, but we decided just to move on

Myself and Magz were walking down a path, we saw construction signs as there are people re-constructing the tournament bridge, i had commented that it was a bit late for people to be working and that i had saw two men standing, so i put my torch onto that area and there was no-one there, so we carried on walking towards the castle, which looks a lot more eerie than during the day. Magz and I were the forst 2 to arrive in the middle of the castle and almost immediately i started getting a pounding headache and new we were in for a good night, the rest of the team arrived on-site a couple of minutes later. We had a walk around for a few minutes and then we all formed a circle and Ann opened up the evening and we started off trying to get some EVP's, then we split up into groups and went our own ways, Magz, Alan and myself headed down to the last remaining wall, where i immediately felt the presence of a little boy and a stronger adult male. Magz looked out the window and saw the male standing over her, so i took a quick pic and got a bright strong orb, we went round to the other side and the feelings of these spirits got stronger and i started to feel very sad, the little boy had died in or around this area, but i felt he didnt match the time era of the male. Received the name Archibald from the stronger male, i felt like he had been murdered. We then decided to make our waty back to the rest of the team, we went and did another EVP session, we had a quick listen back, but decided to move on.

Just as we said that, the other section of the team came back and they had picked up on a little girl between the ages of 10 and 14 called Sarah and they were using the EMF meter to make contact, they had been asking her questions and she was touching the meter to answer their questions. They came over and mentioned to us that they had been receiving this little girl, Zara then asked if i felt comfortable to try automatic writing, which we had successfully carried out during our day investigation, so we went to the area where Ann suggested we go and i sat down to prepare, Zara then put both her hands on my shoulders to give me some energy, she said it was the weirdest feeling when she felt me go under, then i began to write, i dont know what was written, i will get Zara to confirm what was written, but one thing the people around me did say was the man that had entered me was a very nasty man called Hugh Montgomery, from what he was writing and that wouldnt be last we saw him during the investigation, after i came back round, i felt extremely tired and drained, so we decided to have a break.

After the break we decided we would head over the bridge and head down towards the tournament bridge, even though it was dtry, the pathway was just mud and muddy puddles, but along the way we could still fell presences, i was still feeling the presence of Hugh behind me and Michelle, one of the guest investigators commented on hearing a male sigh, the rest of the team had moved on so couldnt have been them, Zara took a picture and there right on me was a big orb covering my face, which i had earlier said Hugh was with us, the rest ogf the team, were picking up on Sarah again, she was a frightened little girl and the person she was frightened off was Hugh. Ann's camera was playing up and so was mine and was very weird how two cameras could be playing up at the same time, Ann said she felt the presence was over the other side of the river, so we headed back, but instead of crossing back over the bridge i was getting pulled to another area where i was picking up feelings, also got some orbs on camera as well in this area. We all headed back to the castle, where we decided to finish the evening off with a seance, we set up the video camera and proceded with the seance, we were getting Sarah again, but with Hugh standing behind me, she was a bit scared to communicate, Jane, one of the guest investigators said she noticed my face changing, and a couple of people noticed her face changing also, 4 other team members commented on how my hands got, they were ice cold. I was asked to move round to the other side of the circle, to see if Sarah would communiocate more and she did, until Hugh decided he had had enough and knocked over the video camera, we could see he was getting very nasty and decided to call it a night, we closed the evening and the seance and headed back to the warmth of our cars.

Eglinton Castle is defiently haunted as nearly all team members received some sort of indication from a spirit. We will return for a follow investigation at Eglinton Castle, as we definetly want to see if we can get anything else.
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PostSubject: Re: EGLINTON CASTLE INVESTIGATION COMPLETED 15/11/08   Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:05 pm

I will add more to the investigation report, i just wanted to give everyone an insight into what happened that night, i will go over and add the missing parts later.

Amanda xxxx
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